Re: Slander & Lies Being Told

Reported to the FBI.

CBS sold ‘all rights’ to Sony Corporation in 1987. They have no legal issue with my situation, and never filed one. They did not file a claim during the meeting g of the creditors at my bankruptcy hearing, and no one from the company has ever introduced themselves to me.

Sony Corporation & The Jackson’s stated in court that they don’t know me, that they never had any ‘presumed or special relationship’ with me, and that they weren’t responsible for ‘third party harassment’ (civil or criminal). They have been made aware of the problem, have no legal issue with my situation, and never filed one. They did not file a claim during the meeting g of the creditors at my bankruptcy hearing, and no one from the company has ever introduced themselves to me.

George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Donald Trump, the State of California, and local municipalities have been made aware of my situation. They have not expressed any legal issue with my situation, and never filed one. They did not file a claim during the meeting g of the creditors at my bankruptcy hearing, and no one from the company has ever introduced themselves to me.

No other third party came into court to file a claim, a lein, in court. Nor did they appear at a ‘meeting of the creditors’ during my Chapter 13 filing.

Willful Violations To A Bankruptcy ‘Stay Order’; Bankruptcy Protection Orders. Order To Show Cause.

Willful and Intentional violations to a Bankruptcy Stay Order have serious ramifications, and there are federal law protections against any actions that violate an Automatic Federal Court Stay Order. The parties that violate a Bankruptcy Stay Order are libel for damages, and attorney fees in Federal Court. If those people are ‘selling’ those violations commercially, they are: a) violating the FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation, the UCC – Uniform Commercial Code, the FTC Act 15 USC $45(a), which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts and practices in or affecting commerce, and ‘selling’ verbal third-party contracts that violate the Statute of Frauds!

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Report To The FBI & House Judiciary Committee

From:                                          Karen Wickman <>

Sent:                                           Friday, April 19, 2019 4:12 PM

To:                                               ‘’

Cc:                                               ‘’; ‘’

Subject:                                     Crime Report to The FBI regarding Mr. Avenatti & Mr. Cohen

Attachments:                            FBI Evidence Pkg re Mr. Avenatti and Mr. Cohen.tiff

Importance:                              High

Please forward to Mr Nadler, The Chairman House Judiciary Committee & Mr Cummings

Enclosed is proof of mailing regarding a crime report, evidence proving I was a client of Mr Michael Avenatti Esq. who is charged with 36 indictments, including fraud, extortion, stealing money from clients, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, etc.  My report to the FBI Investigative Crime Unit in Los Angeles, also includes my communications with Mr. Michael Cohen.  I sent the FBI investigation unit proof of communications sent to both lawyers, along with shipping receipts and confirmations of receipt.  I have NOT spoken to either lawyer. They passed me on numerous occasions, but did not stop to speak to me.  They did not answer my letters either.  I never received or signed documents from their offices.

In 2016, my computer was hacked & someone who breached both my Windows 7 Security Firewall, as well as my ATT U-Verse internet carriers firewall. Both were up to date with the latest security protections.  As I was cleaning and vacuuming my living room, I glanced across the room and could see windows opening and closing on my Dell Laptop.  I ran across the room and shut down my computer, but the damage was done. Files on my computer were stolen, which was apparent in the following days/weeks as strange civil harassment began, at first locally, as I ran errands.  Local residents were mentioning private details about my life, and attempting to force me into ‘verbal third party deals’ without ever showing either a Power Of Attorney, without telling me the first and last name of the person(s) I’d be contracting with, without allowing me to see details of those contracts in writing, without allowing me to meet with the contracting parties to discuss the widely rumored deals, and without me being allowed to speak or consult with an attorney about any of it.

After contacting the FBI about the computer crimes, and about what appeared to be a scam involving fraud, extortion, witness tampering, and widespread civil harassment, I filed a lawsuit against The Jackson’s & Sony Corporation in Fresno Superior Court, January 5, 2017.  I requested arbitration at one point during the trial, but the defendants filed a demurrer stating that they didn’t know me, that there was never any ‘presumed or special relationship’ to them (no intention of dating, marriage, etc) and that they weren’t responsible for ‘third party harassment’.  My request asking that they issue a tiny press release to protect any potential damage to innocent citizens being incited by ‘third parties’ fell on deaf ears.  The outcome of that case was the judge telling me that I was a nuisance, (mostly because I represented myself in court in ‘pro se’ against professional lawyers, and as it was my first case argued in court in ‘pro se’ I made a lot of mistakes on the legal briefs I filed – including filing way too many). The judge told me that I wasn’t allowed to file another lawsuit in California for a year, but didn’t ask me to do anything else.

After that case finished in September 2017, the civil harassment continued, which again surprised me because according to the defendant’s court statements, there should have been no further reasons for me to be a target of scams.   I needed an attorney, and contacted Mr Avenatti while fighting the case against the Jackson’s & Sony in court, and kept contacting him afterwards. I also contacted Mr Cohen in NYC requesting clarification on any possible involvement of Mr. Trump; specifically mentioning the national security issue of third parties with no POA attempting to create deals for him.  Neither attorney responded, but I did see both attorneys pass me on numerous occasions, sometimes accompanied by other high-profile people who were near him in another vehicle.  Some of those times where they passed me were caught on my amateur car cam video.

Many of the reports and complaints I filed were supplied to several State Attorney General’s, as well as to The Office Of Special Counsel during his investigation.  My Dell Laptop computer was volunteered to The WADC Computer Crime Division after my computer crime theft report.

Notably, regarding any issues related to me, I have never seen a court order, a judge’s order, a bench warrant, a standard warrant, nor do I have a criminal record.  There has been no explanation for the unrelenting civil harassment, and criminal libel I’ve endured over the past three years since that computer breach & theft.  My copyrighted manuscript was stolen at that time, and then pre-released by the criminals who stole it. Surprisingly, citizens expected me to sign deals with the con men responsible. More surprising, citizens blamed me for the widespread civil unrest!  To date, no one has mentioned the guys responsible, nor has shown me any legal documents describing why I would be expected to accept deals from third parties I’ve never met, and do not know, who apparently aren’t willing to meet with me face to face, or in person.  Note: I have never been asked by phone, or by letter to meet with anyone regarding the outcome of lawsuits, or any other issues relating to me.  I have never been notified of anyone’s desire to meet with me by phone, letter, text, etc!

A legal note:  During 1987 when the scam initially began, I was protected under a Title II 362a Federal Court Stay Order, and later once my case was heard by a federal bankruptcy judge I was protected under The Bankruptcy Protection Act of 1970, which rescinded an aka name I never used, as well as dismissing personal debts because I was unable to find work to pay my bills.  Strangely, the widespread rumors and civil harassment followed me across state lines after I left California State in 1988.  After attending college and working in NYC, and while being married for several decades, my husband and I eventually returned to California in 2005, where he opened a number of restaurants for Black Oak Casino Resort in Sonora, CA.  We lived in this community quietly, since that time, leaving while my husband opened restaurants for several other large casinos. The harassment I’m describing above only began in 2016, after I fell victim to a cyber-attack & theft.

After 32 years of harassment by third parties in that’s followed me across six states, in what appears to be over an unused aka name filing from 1986 (no judge has requested any actions from me on all these years), and countless scams attempted during those years, I am simply requesting an investigation, something in writing specifying what the government expects of me, and the legal precedent for their decision. I’d love a chance to meet in person, perhaps on the record under oath.  I am a 61 year old woman, who has been married for 23 years to Edward Wickman.  I was an honors student in college in New York, and have a long work history spanning over 42 years where I received awards, honors, and letters of recommendation.  A book I wrote about my experiences from decades previous, the one stolen from me in early 2016, was self published and is available to read free of charge.  ‘Stolen Testimony, A Memoire…’  by Karen Wickman


Karen Wickman

18262 Golden Oaks Drive

Jamestown, CA. 95327


PS.  There are countless rumors and lies that have circulated over the years.  I do not know Mr Trump nor his attorneys. He was friends with the Jackson’s, becoming a business partner with Michael Jackson approximately around 1988. The photo he held up on the 2016 campaign trail, was of himself and Michael Jackson flying on an aircraft owned by Sony Corporation. I looked up the airplane registration from a different photo of them, showing the tail number. I haven’t met Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx. The rumors of Mr xXxX being my father appear to be lies.  I have never met Mr. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx. It would be absurd to imagine Mr. Xxxxxxxx having access to my personal ‘home internet’ or to him being involved in computer theft, or cybercrimes!  I do not know anyone from TX state.  I’m not religious, nor am I catholic. There are no outstanding lawsuits, cases, or judgements against me. I’ve double checked across every state in the union, including every alias I’ve used since birth.  I did not know Mr Michael Jackson, nor any of his family. I do not know anyone from Sony Corporation.  I do not know anyone from any other major Corporation, such as the Executive Officer’s.  I have only written letters, texts, or emails to the above stated parties. Finally, double jeopardy applies to any previous lawsuit I’ve filed, and those lawsuits can’t be retried in court. The only previous lawsuits I’ve filed were civil in nature – filed in civil court by professional lawyers. I have never received any documents drafted by a member of the court, regarding my situation, and according to The Statute Of Frauds.  Crimes must first be reported, investigated, and then moved forward by a State Attorney General.

My letters, emails to Mr Michael Avenatti and Mr Michael Cohen

Yes, this is truly #TheTwilight zone for me being scammed like I’ve been. I’ve needed a terrific lawyer and have been requesting one for several years now! Two of the lawyers I contacted while bringing my case to court are headed to federal prison, and I just supplied testimony and evidence to the FBI in-charge of the investigative crime unit in Los Angeles. Why nobody has simply reached out to speak to me face-to-face, about all these rumors and accusations being incited by third parties, is totally #TheTwilightZone for me! Just about anyone knows that a third party to a dispute attempting to stop a victim from reporting a crime, or attempting to stop a person from defending themself, is obstruction of justice.

Shipping Receipts To Mr Avenatti and Mr Cohen
Shipping Receipts To Mr Avenatti and Mr Cohen
A tweet to Mr Avenatti after he was charged with 36 federal indictments.
A tweet to Mr Avenatti after he was charged with 36 federal indictments
Crime Report To The FBI in LA.