My Family

Ed and I, 25 yrs ago. Married in Lake Tahoe.
Our house.
My sister, married to Pete Murray in Lanai HI, when their four children were younger.

My Nephews & Nieces when they were younger.

Michael when he graduated. He is now married, and just had his first child.

Tom when he graduated. He had his first child a few years ago.

Julia. She graduated from college and works in the LA area.

Emily. She recently graduated from college and works in the LA area.

My sister and I.

My husband Ed and I when we were dating 26 years ago.

My husband Ed and I.

My husband Ed and I, after 25 years together.
We have worked with a lot of celebrities over the years, mostly in our jobs in New York.

We are 9-11-2001 Survivors, and in the 9-11 memorial in New York. Ed worked at Ground Zero prior to 9-11-2001 as the Executive Chef of Merrill Lynch World Headquarters at Ground Zero. He stayed on for months afterwards, feeding rescue workers and stock traders, and reopening the Merrill Lynch building at Ground Zero. Survivor Registry #5500069639.

My mother & grandmother. Native American heritage.