About our lives:

We are laid off, searching for work. We are in bankruptcy, under a federal financial stay order blocking any or all financial actions against us, and blocking any actions against issues heard by the court and ruled on by the court. We told the judge everything.

Our challenges for lawyers, philanthropists, or venture capital investments.

My challenges are:

a) no one speaks to us directly which presents a decision process that’s blindfolded, terms of that decision blindfolded, reasons of how people have heard about my situation hidden, why third parties are involved (other than when I’ve written people directly) is a huge puzzle / question,

b) we are in the middle of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, laid off, about to sell our primary residence and searching for work, and we’re responsible for giving testimony about any financial changes to a federal court judge where there’s a penalty of perjury for lying to a federal court judge should we not present changes to our situation honestly,

c) none of the ‘offers’ are tangible, they’re not being discussed up front or presented to us,

d) some of the companies or people that I appear to be inadvertently forced into protecting with my future decisions in life, I’ve never met nor associated with (ie: CBS/ViaCom who sold all it’s rights to intellectual property of clients in 11/1987 and I was never involved with them; ie: the Jackson’s or Sony Corporation who have submitted sworn testimony to our Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge that there is ‘no fault’, they don’t expect anything from me and in fact they never knew me nor had any expectation of a ‘presumed and/or anticipated relationship with me’),

e) somehow the State of California and the Federal Government appear involved in my situation, but won’t submit anything to us officially, such as a judges’ decree,

f) somehow the military, or military veterans have been involved in my situation, but won’t introduce themselves with a first and last name, nor explain anything regarding how they heard about my private life from decades ago, plus I’ve checked with the CBO / Congressional Budget Office who have no approved funds for my situation and know nothing about it, plus I’ve never worked for the military directly in my entire life and have no direct connection to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

It appears that we need an attorney, private, independent legal counsel to review our situation and request information about our situation in writing so we can address it!

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