Follow the law.

If you feel more comfortable meeting with me in the presence of a lawyer, bring the lawyer when you peacefully meet with me. Do NOT take any actions through third parties, unwilling to thoroughly explain what they’re doing before hand, and show a Financial Power of Attorney to speak for the person they’re representing. If I haven’t contacted you, I am NOT asking for your help! Beware, you can be sued/jailed for coercing or forcing me into actions.

note: You are meeting with, and speaking to a 63 year old, college educated woman, a pre-law major from LIU, a New York University, who additionally has a two year paralegal degree. I’ve been married for 25 years. I’ve traveled abroad to various countries, and worked from age 16 – 59. My husband and I lived and worked in New York City for over a decade, ending five months after 9-11-2001. We are registered survivors of 9-11, where my husband’s final job in NYC ended with months feeding rescue workers at Ground Zero. I owned a small business for 12 years. I am now retired and collecting social security.


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