Thinking Of A Song :)

Thinking of a song, ‘Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…’

As always, I’m happy to speak with anybody willing to introduce themselves, (first and last names if I don’t know you), and willing to admit they’ve heard rumors or slander about me.  (Open discussions from there regarding any other topic that’s concerning my husband and myself, or you are on the table.)  Friends and legal advisors are welcome. Any discussion of money or contracts by law must be according to the below:


The Statute of Frauds, codified in California Civil Code section 1624, requires certain contracts to be in writing, with specific requirements placed in the document (see above link), and each party must be allowed to review that contract, as well as have a lawyer of their choice to review that document PRIOR to signing; by law, seven days are allowed for review with an attorney of our choice! My husband of 25 years, and myself are the only two parties who can sign for us, and Federal Bankruptcy Rule 9019 before the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court in Modesto is required with the designated Administrator & Judge assigned to our case. The above law(s) ‘are what they are’, and my husband and I are not interested in circumventing the law, being coerced into signing or agreeing to signing a document we haven’t seen.

Yours Truly,


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