Regarding My Blog Posts.

It’s a bit strange to have almost everyone talking about my private business, yet nobody we’ve known for the past 10 – 15 years willing to simply sit down and talk to us about the rumors they’ve heard! Can a citizen make a clear choice or decision without being properly informed? Making a decision because of slander, civil harassment, or widespread rumors, is defined by law as ‘acting under duress’, or ‘coercion’. I am not a perfect person, but blackmailing me outside of court is a FELONY crime, and my private life from decades ago is none of anybody’s business. I’ve been married to Ed for 25 years. He’s a talented Food & Beverage Director. A good citizen. A kind and decent husband.

Isn’t it easier to sit down and talk to a person, or ask if that citizen wants to speak to the police, local DA, State Attorney General, the FBI or local leaders? What’s the worst that can happen? We either respond ‘yes’, or ‘no’ we need a lawyer on that subject. Below, you’ll see crime reports I filed, statements I’ve posted, and decisions by judges in both civil & federal courts.

Can you imagine if a billionaire, a corporate executive, or a celebrity used #PublicHazing of a citizen outside-of-court as a tactic to marry her or coerce her into signing a document she wasn’t allowed to read, show to her husband, or show to an attorney? How romantic! Publicly fry a woman with private information from decades ago, while asking her hand in marriage, or while asking her to have your baby, then turn it into commercial branding? That’s illegal, disgusting behavior that I would refuse to respond to, other than with a crime report.

(See below blog post:

ACLU Representation Letter & Cited Court Cases.  Crime Reports“.)

Karen Wickman

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