My letter to the ACLU Legal Director

I DON’T KNOW the ‘victims advocates’ who are speaking to people in town, but their actions didn’t follow standard law or procedure!  They weren’t authorized by us.  They appear to have violated HIPPA laws & spoke to: doctors offices, hospital staff, businesses around town or citizens around town regarding private information they either had ‘no right to know’ about me/us, or about issues decided in court (dismissed) already by competent judges – both federal judges and civil court judges! If any of those actions were legitimate, following laws and procedures of innocent citizens, or victims of crimes, I would ask whomever was inciting those actions: “Why has nobody been willing to introduce my husband and I to these people, apparently acting in an official role for the Justice Department?” Are town leaders, doctors, hospital administrations, businesses AFRAID of introducing my husband and I to alleged ‘official Justice Department advocates & employees’ in front of witnesses? Why? That’s standard procedure. Are citizens and local leaders afraid of explaining what they’re doing, or showing us paperwork in writing and allowing us to review it? I haven’t been charged with a crime, and what occurred was terrifying at times.

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