Regarding blackmail & extortion over The Michael Jackson Issue from 1987 or my private life

As you will see posted below, I brought my issues to court. The judges DISMISSED the cases, and the original parties (the Jacksons’ & Sony Corporation) DISMISSED the case. They asked me for nothing. No restitution expected. Moreso, their sworn testimony was submitted to federal and civil courts! Why are people still creating deals or settlements based upon dismissed cases? Why would anyone be afraid of talking to us about what they’re attempting to do? It’s mind boggling. (The slander & wild conspiracy theories were brought up (rumored & slandered) by third parties to my situation who failed to bring their accusations or issues into courts, and they won’t stop civilly harassing me outside of court. Those actions are illegal. Report your tips to the FBI: ) Ask to remain anonymous, or not. Don’t obstruct justice and do nothing!

No court that I went before asked me to do anything else. Case dismissed. So, who is spreading rumors about me, or asking for my signature? Why? What does the document say? Why are people unwilling to let my husband and I read it, or talk to people about it? Who incited the widespread civil harassment locally, or everywhere I travelled over the past four years? Those people were inciting a riot, inciting immanent lawless action against a US Citizen outside of court! Does a legal document even exist, or is it yet one more slanderous rumor?

Did you know, that Michael Jackson found Al Yankovic, a singer who did numerous parodies of Michael Jackson’s music, funny?

Nothing I’ve done, or accomplished over the past decades has ever been ‘enough’. It took me a long time to realize that it won’t ever be ‘enough’. It’s probably because third parties a) won’t speak to us directly or draft anything in writing, and b) third parties seem to have commercially ‘branded’ my life without legal consent and are attempting to make money off it on the open market. That’s illegal, especially taking into account that I’ve repeatedly suffered from felony crimes & unlawful activity which was reported on various occasions over the years.

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