Testimony In Federal & Civil Court

Both my testimony, as well as the original parties testimony are sworn to in Federal Court. We’re under a Title 11, 362a Stay Order in our Chptr 13 Bankruptcy. Felony crimes were reported including Grand Theft against my online business & a cybercrime, beginning in 2016 (see the next post on my blog). An IC3 Crime Report was filed. Sworn testimony shows that the original parties & a judge dismissed the issue in court with NO further action pending; no restitution expected, no money or settlements offered or expected. No restrictions to talking about it. That testimony is a permanent court record. Any actions by local residents or third parties that aren’t thoroughly explained, and documented in writing with clear terms that both my husband and I can review, won’t be considered.

Whoever was creating scenarios ‘out of court’, inciting schemes regarding my situation & ‘inciting immanent lawless action’ outside of court, was violating Federal law & CA State Penal codes & may end up charged with blackmail or extortion! CBO budgets are approved by Congress annually. I checked with the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), and there was ‘no budget’ that was specified for my situation. Unlawful sex extortion will not be tolerated; especially being incited after I reported felony crimes like a cybercrime, or Grand Theft! Felony charges will be filed, and the FBI could consider a host of other charges including ‘witness tampering’ after reporting crime!

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