ACLU Representation Letter & Cited Court Cases. Crime Reports.

Dear Mr. Cole,

I’ve sent evidence and background information about my case via email to you at Attached is a Limited Power Of Attorney, authorizing you to file a lawsuit on my behalf and/or to act as lead counsel in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU. Evidence about my situation has been submitted to federal courts, and civil courts. Third parties, including California State agencies have refused to speak to me about the below cases, about the below court outcomes, about the below crimes, and about the widespread unprivledged private information slandered far and wide to citizens without my consent that led to an alleged automated choice, one which the State or Federal Government refuse to draft in writing or legitimize. Local residents who’ve known me for over a decade appear to have been told to not speak to me, to not act as a Good Samaritan, and/or to not explain anything to me. In a community my husband and I have called home since 2005, I hear whispers of ‘sue’ under citizens or doctors’ breaths, while most know that I don’t have the means for legal counsel; specifically, legal counsel to address the attached case. It is my understanding that cases like mine where crimes occurred are normally sent to a US Attorney, to a prosecutor’s office, after a Grand Jury Investigation and/or after review by The State Attorney General’s Office, but that wasn’t possible in my situation (see below). The rumored solutions that no government agency will legitimize by drafting in writing, appear to have been made political, based upon which camp one is in, and based upon which slandered information one believes. I need to speak with attorneys first, to know details of my situation and to ask questions about of my situation, but that basic right is being blocked.

Third parties I don’t know continue to manipulate my situation, after hearing or inciting slander about my situation. I am dealing with fraud and incited immanent lawless behavior, with third party manipulated outcomes in my situation; all outside of courts. In a community my husband and I have called home since 2005, with me quietly operating a home studio as a small business person, the below situation didn’t begin until 2016 after a reported cybercrime as well as subsequent hacking of my social media accounts which immediately led to slander and civil harassment; incited immanent lawless action. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any original documents for court records.

Below are the cases on file regarding my situation:

  • Grand Theft, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Report: #16154125 Dated: 11-19-2016.IRS Form 8300 Grand Theft Report, Detroit Computing Center IRS: 11-21-2016. USPS Priority Mail Receipt: 9481-7036-9930-0026-7701-88. Dated: 12-1-2016.
  • IC3 Grand Theft Report: Dated: 6-22-2017 (Occurred online in my store on EBay & through PayPal)
  • Victim, United States v. Michael Avenatti Esq. Case: 1:19-CR-00373-PG NYC (a copy of the signed limited POA sent to Southern District NYC during the prosecution. Limited POA signed 3-26-2018) Testimony sent to Mr. Robert Sobelman, lead prosecutor in the New York Attorney’s Office 1 St. Andrew’s Plaza New York City, NY 10007 via USPS Priority Mail 9405503699300117173283. POA Shipping confirmation to Mr. Avenatti via FedEx: shipped via FedEx 3-27-2018 #7718-3482-1712 .(additional evidence sent via: USPS 9410 8036 9930 0097 2627 03, USPS 9410 8036 9930 0097 0807 34).
  • Crime Victim Complaint: 9-17-2019 with UPS Fax Sent Verification Receipt. Faxed to Judge in case: 1:19-CR-00373-PG-NYC & also to Mr. Robert Sobelman.
  • Financial Crime Victim Report United States v. Michael Avenatti Esq. Case: 1:19-CR-00373-PG NYC. Faxed 9-4-2019 with UPS Fax Sent Verification Report & overnight mail receipt of shipment. Filed to Bankruptcy OSC Motion #18-90154-D-13G on 9-9-2019 Doc 141.IC3
  • Cybercrime Report: Dated 12-12-2018, FedEx 7739 5177 8485 c/o Mr. Robert Mueller Special Counsel. Dell Computer surrendered as evidence for examination of a cybercrime.IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Crime Report, FBI; Pre-Release of Copyrighted Intellectual Property Dated: 6-2016. (Submission of copyright to the US Copyright Office was verified on May 25, 2016 @ 5:28PM #1- 3477864631. A copy of that submission was sent to an attorney, Mr. Jordan Elias Esq. for safe keeping via email dated 6-6-2016.)
  • Report to the FBI: Mr. John Bennett, USPS Tracking # 9410-8036-9930-0083-0547-01 Date: 09/26/2016 (other reports occurred over the past four years)
  • Sonora Sheriff Report: Stalking and harassment CAD Incident Report: #1803230032 Date: 03/30/2018
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case, Eastern District California: #18-90154 – Filed 3-9-2018. Title 11 362a Stay Order is in place 3-9-2018.
  • Karen Wickman vs. The Jackson’s & Sony Corporation: #17CECG00045 Fresno, CA Superior Court. Filed 1-5-2017. (Dismissed on 9-2017 by the Judge due to defendants sworn testimony in a demurrer of not knowing me, and not having anything to do with the civil harassment occurring against me; no ‘presumed or special relationship’ and no responsibility to report crime or be a Good Samaritan.) Note: There is evidence of Mr. Kaz Hirai, the former CEO of Sony Corporation, being the owner of the airplane both Mr. Michael Jackson and Mr. Donald Trump flew on – Airplane Registration N90TH; a photo Mr. Trump purposely held up on the 2016 campaign trail for the press. There is evidence of witnesses seeing Mr. Kaz Hirai in Tuolumne County, and in Redwood City on 7-5-2020 as my husband was scheduled to undergo a heart ablation procedure at Sequoia Hospital. Sony’s testimony in court would be perjury if evidence was allowed to be submitted to court.
  • Santa Clara County ‘Vital Letter of No Record” Dated: 03/05/2019 Santa Clara County Court Recorder, Regina Alcomendras certified on 3-5-2019 that there was no marriage of myself in Vital Records Indexes from 01/01/1987 to 12/31/1988. My previous married name of Karen Sokol from 1981 as well as an unused aka name of Karen Jackson was searched by the court.
  • ‘Order To Show Cause Motion’, Eastern District Court California: #18-90154-D-13G Date Filed: 07/10/19. (Outcome. Case dismissed on 9-24-2019 by myself after a former bankruptcy attorney, Mr Michael Germain, received a threatening letter from the State Attorney General’s Office – OSC Doc 134 & urgently contacted my husband at work via phone & email about the letter. The letter, along with our bankruptcy lawyer’s interpretation of the letter – OSC Doc 134, stated that serious financial repercussions & penalties were immanent if we proceeded with the ‘Order To Show Cause’ lawsuit. Mr. Germain, a few days later, sent letters to each witness subpoenaed in the case (issued by the federal court clerk), attempting to block required testimony in that case. I was attempting to determine how far & wide the slander spread about me, and to determine who was spreading the slander and libel about me that was affecting my life and financial situation, & why the State of California or the Federal Government were getting involved in my life. Note: No one would talk to me about automatic actions being taken.)
  • Jackson’s & Sony Corporations Sworn Testimony, ‘Order To Show Cause Motion’, Eastern District Court California: #18-90154-D-13G Filed: 8-20-2019. OSC Doc 133. Defendants submit sworn testimony to federal court that the former case was dismissed, and that they would not block me from defending myself or speaking about what happened to me. Patricia Millet, Esq. the defendants attorney swore to her clients statements in Los Angeles County in the presence of California Notary Jentry Collins, on Comission #2215223 Exp. 9-22-2021.
  • CCRV Crime Victims Rights Report: Filed in the OSC Motion Eastern District California. OSC Doc 145, Case #18-90154-D-13G Date: 9-23-2019.
  • Report to Dr. Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense: Date: 1-8-2020. (referred to the Inspector General)
  • Report to Mr. Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the United States: Dates: 1-8-2020 & 3-24-2020. Complaint #20200123-062669. Response letter was sent via email to your office, dated 1-23-2020. (Outcome; No further action/investigation required)
  • Original Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Northern District California Dated 9-28-1987. Case: #587-05234. Stay Order in place on 9-28-1987. Held in NARA San Bruno, CA Transfer number/Assession number: 021-910058. Box number: 148 out of 176. Location number: 733179-733354. Destroyed 2-24-2014. Original Court: San Jose Bankruptcy Court, Northern California. Original Filing Date: Sept 28, 1987. Original Filing Name: Karen J. Sokol (previous married name in the eighties) How this information was relayed to the general public, when it was private, sealed court documents, held in NARA for decades, and destroyed in 2-2014 is a mystery.

Example of a widely slandered story. That I am George Lucas’ long lost genetic daughter. Since he worked with Francis Ford Coppola and Michael Jackson in the eighties, as well as Sony Executives back in the eighties, it was automatically assumed by third parties that I filed the aka name with knowledge of either my uncles’ relationship with George Lucas back in the fifties, or with knowledge of him being my genetic father. This is a preposterous ‘birther style story’ concocted by malicious third parties, yet that slander was believed by numerous third parties and became cause for their actions.

Example of another widely slandered story. That I knew Donald Trump decades ago, and filed the aka name to cause him or his friends’ embarrassment. Another preposterous ‘birther style story’ concocted by malicious third parties. I do not know Mr. Trump, and would not sign or agree to sign, any deal, settlement, lawsuit, etc. through undisclosed third parties who ‘act’ as if they are taking actions for Mr. Trump. That notion is preposterous.
Examples of other widely slandered stories are too many to mention. Some of the slander caused police and various state agencies to believe that I was a drug addict, an alcoholic, a sexual pervert, and so on. Third parties have automatically assumed that they get ‘a trade’, ‘money’, or something of value if they reach out to help me, better known as extortion in law. Third parties have seen me as a conduit for other people’s money. Third parties have viewed every sale of merchandise on Etsy, Ebay, Craig’s List, etc. as that buyer not only purchasing the item we were offering for sale, but as purchasing ‘rights to me’! Third parties have identified with some of the people (guys) spreading slander, who have misled citizens into believing that they can ‘purchase me’ or could ‘purchase my situation’ simply by acting like a Good Samaritan and offering financial assistance or legal counsel. Local authorities believed my situation to be ‘too large’ to handle with a simple police or sheriff’s report, as directed by the California State Attorney General in January 2017; those deputies or firemen expected me to ‘call out’ to someone in public, in a store, and only then would they take a report or offer help. A rumor was slandered about my previous husband, Jeff Sokol, from 1981 and how that marriage ended in divorce and citizens who heard that rumor expected me to ‘take one’ because of it. (whatever that meant) A rumor was slandered about my inability to bear a child, and third parties popped up everywhere creating paternity scams. A rumor was slandered about a sexual harassment case against a previous manger in the eighties, the name of Jim was associated to that sexual harassment case filing, and citizens played out scenes in public of me either being expected to sleep with a stranger who looked like him, or me giving testimony that I’d been sexually harassed outside of court, unsolicited by local authorities. Public scenes were concocted relating to my life, with stories citizens had been told about people allegedly associated to me in my life, and anyone with that first name acted as if they could automatically play a key role in my life! (no one saw the information they were hearing about me as criminal slander, libel, or unprivledged private information)

Citizens who heard the above slander about me, were incited into a frenzy of activity. That activity followed me into restaurants, stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices or hospitals, out of state, onto highways as my husband and I vacationed, etc. Citizens expected me to address the slander publicly, as thou it was a game to be played out in public. They expected that they had the right to drive away with me, without so much as identifying themselves or explaining anything to me! Citizens expected that they could have a baby for me, without my husband or my consent and without drafting a paternity contract. They expected that they could trade my situation, offering one of the people slandering me a peace offering, a quid pro quo. Local residents expected that they could make financial money deals for celebrities or state agencies without a POA, and without lawful authority. They expected that they could be involved in my life, automatically, simply by being my husbands’ employer. Residents after hearing slander & rumors about me, expected that they could be involved in my life, automatically, simply by being my neighbor. They expected that they could be involved in my life, automatically, simply by hearing rumors or slander about me. Doctors and medical facilities expected that they could automatically test me, arrange surgical procedures, or other appointments without my consent. If I paid a bill from my husbands’ health insurance plan, a plan he was a recipient of since 2005, third parties became angered that the government wasn’t allowed to automatically take over the bills. The schemes were unrelenting.

A long list of other incidents related to the above have been reported, with testimony and letters sent via tracked mail, signatures required upon receipt. Those report numbers and information were sent to you via email. Copies of shipping receipts were also sent to your office.

It is my personal opinion that:
(Please respect my wishes in any lawsuit you file up to The Supreme Court. You may use my married name, or a protected pseudonym)

Any information gathered over the last four years will be challenged in court, as unlawfully obtained. That includes evidence sent from my cell phone(s), from my internet accounts, from my ATT DSL account, sold to third parties via CCPA data collection, monitoring of my cell phone without a warrant, or unauthorized use of my private information in any way.

Any extortion of Mr. George Lucas outside of court, or automatic association of myself to Mr. George Lucas by third parties outside of court, will be prosecuted. This information was leaked without my consent. I have no knowledge of Mr. Lucas’ actions or feelings regarding any subject, other than what I read in newspapers. (My uncles were the only ones who knew Mr. George Lucas, and that was back in the fifties. How third parties knew that private information is a mystery to me.)

Any extortion of Mr. Harrison Ford outside of court, or automatic association of myself to Mr. Harrison Ford by third parties outside of court, will be prosecuted. This information was leaked without my consent. I have no knowledge of Mr. Ford’s actions or feelings regarding any subject, other than what I read in newspapers.

Any questioning of private details about my life from decades ago, will be in the presence of an attorney and my husband, or inside a court room only after receipt of a valid subpoena is issued for a Grand Jury Investigation, or a lawsuit.

Any deals outside of court, and talked about in public by third parties, or by a person not willing to show a valid ID with a first and last name, as well as a valid POA authorizing that person to negotiate for another person not in the room, will not be accepted or discussed.

Any actions that a previous attorney took, without informing me of those actions, were unlawful. That includes, but is not limited to, Mr. Michael Avenatti who was in the position of a Limited Power of Attorney of mine. He was indicted on 36 counts of fraud, theft of clients’ funds, arranging unlawful deals, bribery of corporations and persons, etc. This statement includes Mr. Michael Cohen, who came to Tuolumne County in 2018, after being ‘tipped off’ by someone. Mr Cohen appeared to meet with the Sheriff Department about me, perhaps believing the widespread slander he’d heard about me.

No third party will be allowed to make money off crime: cybercrime, slander or libel, stalking, civil or criminal harassment, extortion, paternity or romance scams, commercial selling or relaying of my unprivledged private information without my express permission.

No man other than my husband should be automatically associated to me! There has been fraud regarding third parties saying that they ‘know me’, when I’ve never met them and have never been seen talking to them. There are no communications to them via email, cell phone, etc. Most of these guys were known around town, Tuolumne County, but no apparent investigation occurred. First names of these guys were used in public by local residents, but at no time was a last name identified. Their identity was kept secret.

No government agency, or corporation should be involved in commercial selling of me personally, in selling my intellectual property, in using my intellectual property, or of any other transaction related to myself or my husband. We have never authorized this action and nothing has been presented to either of us. Note: we are under a Stay Order, and in a five year Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Rule 9019 as well as a financial Stay Order is applicable to our estate. Our estate includes any intellectual property according to bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law includes any financial situation, dispute, crime against my business, theft, and/or reported case, etc. that arose prior to the commencement of our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing. The above cases were cited in our bankruptcy filing.

No government agency should use illegal search and seizure of my cell phone, computer, computer files, texts, etc.

No government agency should expect my testimony without a subpoena, or without first explaining what they want to speak to me about and allowing me time to hire a lawyer.

No government agency or third party should expect me to take any action, without being willing to first show documentation: a court order, a judges’ order, or a contract.

No government agency or third party should use my GPS cell phone position.

No government agency should request my testimony without a valid subpoena.

No government agency should attempt to transfer me to a different location, via ambulance, fire truck, or private vehicle.

No government agency should attempt to marry me, arrange dates for me, or arrange child bearing for me: a married woman.

No government agency should violate HIPPA laws, and interfere with a citizen’s medical records, or doctors.

No government agency should automatically expect a citizen, once slandered or libeled, to ‘go down’ and give testimony to the police by ‘calling out’ and then climbing into the car of a passing neighbor (apparently pre-arranged by unlawful use of cell phone monitoring) and riding down with a passing neighbor or stranger! That includes police, sheriff, or fire trucks that ‘happen’ to be in a citizens’ location.

No government agency should allow immanent lawless behavior of a citizen, incited by unprivledged private information about that citizen spread via rumors, slander, or libel.

Mr. Cole, I am looking forward to the ACLU’s legal representation in the above matter either immediately or sometime in the future.

Karen Wickman
18262 Golden Oaks Drive
Jamestown, CA 95327
@KarenJWickman Twitter

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