Email Sent To CA State Attorney General, FBI Tips, & State Representatives

Report of IC3 Intellectual Property & Computer Crimes Leading to CA Penal Code Violations

Beginning in early 2016, I noticed widespread rumors (slander & libel) appear all over town after a reported cybercrime, unlawful hacking of my dsl network. I reported an IC3 Intellectual Property & Computer Crime to the FBI, and eventually turned over my computer to that unit because the unlawful surveillance was so pervasive. Criminals used that information to track me, via my private cell phone, as I ran errands locally, shopped in stores, or travelled. The unlawful use of my cell phone and internet connections was a violation of law, but more so the use of that private information in public (stalking and harassment) was a felony. That was terrorizing, not a game in which I agreed to participate in. It was a clear violation of my rights, outside of court, and in violation of the law. It appeared that the motives of third parties, other citizens, perhaps government officials, was to monitor, plan, organize, stalk, harass, extort, and generally terrorize me in public places for their own gain or for their own motives.

My issues were brought into courts before judges, as is required by law. What occurred to me would never be authorized by a judge or by a court, not even as a long term surveillance operation without a warrant and/or without due cause.

I am a 63 year old woman, married to Edward Wickman for 24 years. An honors student in college. A small business person, who worked for major corporations earlier in life and received awards and honors. I have never committed a crime; my record is clean. I do not know the people violating the law, but I’ve diligently reported it over the last four years as it’s been occurring in stores, restaurants, hotels, on highways as we travelled, across state lines as we travelled, in the privacy of our home via signal monitoring, and so on. A lawyer is required to stop the above mentioned unlawful activity.


Karen Wickman

18262 Golden Oak Dr

Jamestown, CA 95327


@KarenJWickman Twitter

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