Illegal ‘Romance Scam’ Report to FTC, FBI, & US Attorney’s

To Whom It May Concern

Re: A Reported ‘Romance Scam’ FTC Report #106939362 


Enclosed are recent letters to the FTC regarding a ‘romance scam’, and a report to the Congressional Budget Office, to the House Oversight Committee, to the House Judiciary Committee, and to the Office of Inspector General.  This ‘romance scam’ involved: indentured involuntary servitude, human trafficking (sex trafficking), illicit third-party verbal contracts, slander, extortion, fraud, debt bondage, and forced labor.  The latter were proposed to release me or family members, victims, from the ‘romance scam’.  Regarding the lawyers I reached out to for help, one is currently convicted and in prison Mr. Michael Cohen.  The other lawyer was provided a POA for legal representation, and has been indicted by Federal Grand Jury’s, Mr. Michael Avenatti.  Both lawyers were seen on numerous occasions in my neighborhood over the past year, and caught on amateur car cam video. I do NOT know what actions those lawyers took ‘on my behalf’ without informing me!

In 1986, I made the fateful mistake of filing an aka name to Karen Jackson, checking the box on the aka form for the purpose of ‘marriage’ to Michael Jackson.  It was a mistake made in duress, after a stressful year at work and while fighting a losing battle with endometriosis.  I didn’t know the singer.  A few months later, when I regained my senses, I rescinded the aka name in Federal Court, but more importantly I was protected under a federal court Stay Order throughout 1986 – 1987 until the aka name was legally rescinded in Federal Court in Sept 1987. Any actions that were taken against me were illegal and violated that Stay Order; worse yet, were fraud and extortion.  Whoever created the ‘romance scam’ victimized the victim.  I am ultimately responsible for my own stupidity, and have spent a lifetime inadvertently paying for that mistake by carrying the insurmountable burden of an invisible target on my back for con men or third-parties to attack.  The only offers I’ve heard rumored by third-parties, have been subversive extortion by people violating court orders and court judgements, and inciting a ‘romance scam’. No one has ever openly admitted that my privacy was violated by the mistake, that I was being constantly stalked & harassed, or that I was being illegally used and targeted because of the mistake. Worse yet, it appears that every verbal third-party offer rumored to the general public was illicit and violated the law, mainly the Statute of Frauds, the original dismissal by a Federal Court, federal or state law regarding fraud & extortion, due process laws, bigamy laws, the FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation, the UCC – Uniform Commercial Code, as well as a host of other federal and state laws.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Many have publicly speculated over the years about my motives for filing the aka name. While they don’t have a right to ask me about this, I will clear that up by stating that I didn’t file it to advance a singing or acting career. As my resume shows, I’m neither.  I didn’t file the aka name to meet or marry a celebrity like Harrison Ford; I just enjoyed his movies.  I am not George Lucas’ daughter; it’s rumored slander.  I didn’t cause the stock market crash in 1987, have never worked as a stock broker, and barely owned a few hundred dollars in stock at that time.  I didn’t file the aka because I wanted to make a name for myself, or because I wanted to get-back at someone. The boyfriend I lived-with in Connecticut never acknowledged or spoke about the aka name.  The platonic work associate & friend I visited in Pennsylvania never acknowledged or spoke about the aka name.  No employer I worked for over the years acknowledged or spoke about the aka name.  I was never charged with a crime, nor convicted of a crime. I was never asked for my testimony in the matter, not by the State, the US Government, or by a third party.  No subpoenas for my testimony were ever served to me.  No settlement offer was ever served to me.  I never metaphorically married the singer, nor attempted to commit marriage fraud because of the aka name filing. I do not know third-parties that work in Disney Corporation, CBS Corporation, nor in the field of professional sports.  Both the Jackson’s & Sony Corporation went into court in 2017 & stated that they don’t know me, and aren’t responsible for third-party harassment.  The judge never asked me to do anything further, other than not suing the original parties again for a year.  The aka name filing in 1986 was just a dumb mistake, was never used for entertainment purposes, was never used for marriage purposes, and was a mistake which I quickly corrected and legally rescinded in a Federal Court a few months later.  It wasn’t even a legal alias I needed to report on an FBI background check, or State ‘Real ID’ after the court ruled it “null and void” in 1987!

The best way to resolve a scam, is to confront it directly.  I’ve spent a lifetime attempting to counteract illicit third-party harassment by quietly going to college in New York, by working hard in whatever jobs were available to me, by falling in love and marrying my next-door neighbor in 1996 after attending college at LIU, and by living a quiet law-abiding life ever since. The reigniting of third-party harassment occurred after social media hacking in 2016, and after my home computer files were stolen as I was working online, and then pre-released by the criminals that stole those files.  Other people have spent a lifetime subversively reigniting and inciting this ‘romance scam’.   

Ultimately, this matter should have never gone beyond 1987, after a federal court Stay Order was in place, or when harassment complaints were filed.  The matter should have been confronted by interested third-parties legally & openly, once ‘romance scams’ popped up.  Laws should have been followed. That was 32 years ago, and there has been no way for me to regain my reputation once it was slandered, or repair my life after it’s been inundated by scams. I was never provided with the right to openly speak about what happened to me, nor to speak to anyone directly about my situation, including a lawyer!  Even the settlements & ‘solutions’ were rumored by interested third-parties, and never presented to me in writing according to the law where the details of those settlements or solutions could be reviewed by an attorney of my choice prior to signing.  This was nothing but a ‘romance scam’, kept alive and incited by con men who appear to have intentionally victimized a victim.


Karen Wickman

18262 Golden Oaks Drive

Jamestown, CA  95327


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