Letter To House Judiciary Committee & House Oversight Committee

Dear Mr. Cummings

Dear Mr. Nadler

Re:  Mr. Cohen’s Testimony before Congress

From: wickman@earthlink.net <wickman@earthlink.net>

Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2019 10:01 AM

To: ‘barbara.underwood@ag.ny.gov‘ <barbara.underwood@ag.ny.gov>

Cc: ‘xavier.becerra@doj.ca.gov‘ <xavier.becerra@doj.ca.gov>; ‘gurbir.grewal@njoag.gov‘ <gurbir.grewal@njoag.gov>; ‘consumer@oag.state.va.us‘ <consumer@oag.state.va.us>; ‘aromero@aclu.org‘ <aromero@aclu.org>; ‘special.counsel@usdoj.gov‘ <special.counsel@usdoj.gov>

Subject: Evidence Submitted To The House Judiciary Committee

Importance: High

Enclosed is confirmation of evidence sent to The House Judiciary Committee, & The House Oversight Committee regarding Mr. Michael Cohen’s testimony.  He appears to not only have knowledge about what occurred to me, but should have known that the actions taken against me violated the law.  I don’t know who tipped him off, about an evidence package that I was mailing/shipping to the NY Prosecutor’s Office in the Southern District during his trial, but his appearance here in Tuolumne County at that precise moment as I was dropping the envelope off at the Jamestown Post Office, where he was caught on my car cam video was proof of that fact.

If a citizen is required to give testimony, or if a person is required to take action, it must be performed within the laws and procedures of the United States. Thus far, that has NOT occurred in my situation. It’s why I wrote a book, enclosed evidence, and offered it to numerous online book stores for free. ‘Stolen Testimony; A Memoire Of A Story Privately Debated Round The World.’ by Karen Wickman.   What occurred to me was nothing but an illegal attack that violated numerous federal and state laws, all of which I’ve cited in my letters, emails, reports, & texts.  Further, playing games with the witness/victim in ways that violate federal law, instead of handling the matter within the law by serving a subpoena, or by answering a letter and requesting to meet with that witness/victim, or by phoning the witness/victim to speak to her directly, or by offering that witness/victim a chance to show evidence contrary to what might be presented by others,  would be grounds for a mistrial and/or grounds for the entire case to be dropped if presented properly in a court of law!  I’ve spoken to several attorneys about my situation, and both had the same advice and conclusion: that there were no laws I’d violated, that there was no harm done to the original parties, and that they didn’t understand why I was being civilly harassed or criminally libeled with countless rumors.  One of those attorneys I consulted was Gloria Allred’s Office.

It appears that the House Judiciary Committee is gathering evidence of Mr. Trumps actions over the years, perhaps to hold him accountable.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with a letter, or with a subpoena regarding my testimony. I am happy to speak with the committee about my book, or about my testimony.  It is unimaginable that anyone would spend a lifetime attacking a citizen over an aka name filing that was rescinded/reversed/nullified by a US Bankruptcy Court in 1987, and then protected under The Bankruptcy Protection Act of 1970 & Title 11 362a.  Other people incited the issues that have deeply affected my life.  They pursued me across state lines, following me and inciting civil unrest in numerous states where I’ve lived.  I do not know those people, but when rumors are incited by third parties, they can become extremely difficult for a private person to combat.  It is even more unimaginable that someone would pursue, extort, harass, use false & misleading statements, misrepresent ownership or ‘rights’ to that citizens intellectual property in public or misrepresent that ownership to major corporations, insist upon indentured servitude, attempt to create non-binding verbal third party contracts by inciting the public to participate, participate in RICO, or remove a citizen’s rights without Due Process of Law.

What happened to me is a travesty of justice.  My way of fighting back was to self publish a book of my testimony; a book that was stolen off my home computer in early 2016 as I was drafting it and working online.  It was then pre-released to the general public, which incited unrelenting rumors and civil harassment.  Those acts were felony crimes that were immediately reported to the FBI and numerous other authorities.  The perpetrators are still at large, and were never arrested or charged.  Every day, local residents who heard those rumors attempt to force me into agreeing to ‘third party settlements or deals’ offered verbally while I’m running errands, shopping in grocery stores, eating out in restaurants, etc.  Those ‘third party verbal contracts’ violate The Statute Of Frauds, and numerous other laws.  I’ve yet to be presented with one document in writing, where I might have a chance to read it, consult with an attorney prior to signing, and determine it’s validity.  I’ve also yet to be presented with: a court order or a judge’s order, a subpoena, with the names of the person(s) who incited this ongoing harassment, with a crime report, with an investigation report, and most puzzling is the fact that when I brought the original parties to this issue to court in 2017, they submitted a demurrer to the judge stating that they didn’t know me, and weren’t responsible for ‘third party harassment’.


Karen Wickman

18262 Golden Oaks Drive

Jamestown, CA  95327



KarenJWickman Twitter

PS  My Book is available online in Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Maker & Taylor, Kobo, Tolino, and online libraries.  ISBN: 978136178880

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